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  • CNG Kit Installation

    - Tomasetto CNG Gas Kit
    - Sequential CNG Gas Kit
    - Mijo CNG Gas Kit
    - Sequential CNG Kit

  • LPG Kit Installation

    - Tomasetto LPG Gas Kit
    - Sequential LPG Gas Kit
    - Mijo LPG Gas Kit
    - Sequential LPG Kit

  • Cylinder Retesting

    - CNG Tank Testing
    - CNG Tank Install
    - CNG Pickup Check
    - Tank Retesting

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  • CNG Gas Kit Anand | Vidyanagar | Gujarat

    Get Maximum Benefit from Ours

    We are in CNG,LPG & Car Repair business for more than 14 years. We are having experienced, young & committed professionals.So come to our workshop once & you have nothing to go away from us.

  • CNG LPG Gas Kit | Vadodara | Anand

    Support you can trust

    If your car have any problem, we will send our mechanic. We are committed to provide you good services. We treat our customers like family.

  • misra auto gas

    Excellent CNG, LPG Kit Fitting & Best Service

    We are very careful about our work. We take care of Fitting of CNG LPG Parts at safe place. Also we do safety check up of leakages & much more.

  • Benefits of CNG :
  • (1) Environment Friendly: CNG is clean fuel.  Natural gas produces very less hydrocarbon emissions than LPG and petrol.
    (2) CNG is Economic: CNG is cheaper than petrol and LPG. It saves money.
    (3) Clean Engine: CNG is good for car engine. CNG doesn’t harm car engine which happens in LPG. Also spark plugs and converters remain good in CNG.
    (4) Ease of Use and Flexibility: Car runs on both CNG and Petrol. So its option for petrol.
    (5) Lubrication: It requires less lubrication.
    (6) CNG is Safer: CNG is safer than petrol and diesel. CNG gas tanks are safer and stronger.
  • Sequential conversion kits && Cylinder Testing Facility :
  • (1) Sequential CNG Gas kits:These kits are automated. Have own ECU and separate injectors which are not in normal CNG Kits. These kits are used on car models which doesn't support regular cng kits. 
    (2) CNG Cylinder Retesting : Every three(3) years tank inspection is compulsory for safety. Without retesting Gas pumps will not fill gas, RTO problem in passing, Insurance problem. CNG Cylinder retesting charge is around 2000 Rs.
    (3) CNG kit Prices : Regular CNG Kit prices are between 22,000 to 29,000 Rs. While Sequential CNG kit prices are between 34,000 to 45,000 Rs.

Misra Auto Gas

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Anand - 388001
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  • I installed CNG in my honda city 2006, very much satisfied with the power pick of vehicle. Surprised to see the average in just Rs 350 of gas it runs more than 160 kms in city on highway it runs around 190 to 200 km.I am very glad that I converted my car to CNG or I would have never realized that how cost efficient drive my car can be at just 2.25 rs per km. I recommend it.

    Amit Patel , Elecon-Anand

  • CNG Fitted my Eeco car and giving 22 to 26 km average. Very supportive people and quality work.

    Alpesh , College-Vadodara

  • I am satisfied with cng kit in my car. It is giving good average with same petrol like performance. Happy to install cng but only disappoint had to sacrifies my boot space.

    Krunal, Ahmedabad

About Us

  • Misra Auto Gas is Govt. Approved CNG gas kit fitter in Anand,Kheda,Gujarat. We have fitted more than 5000 CNG conversion gas kits like Sequential Gas kit, Tomasetto Gas kit in all types of cars.

CNG Gas Kit Reviews

  • Tomasetto CNG Kit Review :

    Tomasetto is cng gas kit product by Tomasetto Gas Pvt Ltd. Tomasetto is known name in market. Tomasetto is an italy gas kit which price between 25000 to 45000 Rs.

  • CNG kits repair Service :

    We give repair service and guidance for Tomasetto, Lovato, BRC, lovatek, Mijo, lovagas, Automoto, msequent brands indian,italian CNG kits.